Battery Modules for Formula SAE Electric Car

Featured left to right: Kyle Anderson (Graduate), Louis Rigo (Senior), Jan Maroske (Senior), and Charlie Chermak (Graduate)


Designing and building an electric formula race car is no easy undertaking. It requires expensive parts and hundreds of hours of labor, so keeping crucial components protected, like the batteries, is a must. With the help of Stratasys and the UW Makerspace, Wisconsin’s FSAE team was able to do exactly that.

The FSAE team created battery modules using 3D printed components that are designed to protect their ⅓ scale formula electric race car’s 308 lithium polymer cell batteries. To do this, the team partnered with Stratasys, a pioneer in 3D printing technology, to help design the module shells and sponsor the PC-ABS material used in the design. 

The group printed over 180 copies at the Makerspace, over a span of five to six months, and now hope to have this new and improved battery system developed for their 2021 competition year. So if you’re looking to bet on a car next year, we know who to pick.