3D Printed Clone Trooper Armor

Every Star Wars fan dreams of having their very own, movie-accurate set of Clone Trooper armor, and UW junior Noah Williams made it happen with over 500 hours of hard work and some help from 3D printing technology. Using the 3D printing knowledge he gained from the Makerspace, Noah purchased his own printer and created several sets of Clone Trooper armor with remarkable attention to detail. Each set is fully painted, wearable, and extremely cool. Of course, every Clone Trooper needs a Battle Droid to fight, which is why Noah printed an entire, to-scale battle droid to go along with them. 

Using these armor sets, Noah joined the 501st legion, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing Star Wars to life for kids in need. He’s been to children’s funerals, Make-a-Wish visits, and libraries fully clad in his 3D-printed armor. It allows kids to interact with their favorite Star Wars characters, and Noah to put all his hard work to good use.