Students can check-out Loomo for up to 2 hours per day at the Makerspace – see details below. Loomo has all of the sensors and computing power already – just add your code.

For all questions / clarifications contact the judges at:

Note: we will add details here with time – so the below items are subject to slight changes and additions – though the overall challenge will remain the same.

The judges have final say and participants that are gaming the system in any way will not win. We truly want a robust solution that fairly beats the competition.


[1] Provide a visitor coming into the front door of the Makerspace with an interesting and engaging tour that explains the key technologies of the Makerspace.

[2] The tour must occur at a normal walking pace and not lag or seem abnormally slow.

[3] Loomo must guide the visitor throughout the Makerspace to each of the primary rooms (3D printers, studio, laser cutter, electronics, machine shop, conference rooms, vending area). If a door is closed, Loomo must ask the visitor to open it for them.

[4] Loomo must be able to answer a few popular questions such as “When is the Makerspace open?”

[5] Loomo must be able to avoid obstacles and adapt to any changes in the space (e.g. stool in middle of walkway).


[1] Individual or team can win. We encourage you to form a team though.

[2] No deadline – first to complete wins.

[3] Anyone with a valid CoE shop permit can check-out Loomo.

[4] Loomo can be checked out for 2-hours each day per team (go to the check-out window in the Makerspace). Loom should not be taken outside of the Makerspace or ridden. Try to do most of your work w/out Loomo using the developer tools. Developer tools can be found here.

[5] Loomo can use QR codes or other signs, beacons, etc. placed in the environment. But first obtain approval from the judges (

[6] Loomo mas use external computational power (e.g. remote services, microcontrollers, etc.) though first clear it with the judges (


[1] Demonstration of the tour.

[2] Documentation + code on how it works. Ability for others to reproduce results and edit code.

More information on Loomo: