Tool & Equipment for Check-out – Pre-Pandemic

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Steps to Check-Out Tools / Equipment

Step #1: Permits and Fee

Ensure you have:

[-] A CoE permit (blue, red OR green is sufficient) and have paid your materials fee for this semester. Our student staff are required to swipe your ID every time to verify.


[-] A valid M-Pass. You must show our staff your physical M-Pass and wiscard.

Step #2: Go to the Check-Out Window

Go to the check-out window and ding the bell if needed. Please see the front desk if you can’t find the check-out window.

Step #3: Only You Should Use the Equipment in the Makerspace

The tool/equipment is not to be taken out of the Makerspace (2nd floor of Wendt Commons)

The tool/equipment is for your use only; do not check something out for someone else.  If you need help using the tool feel free to ask our student staff for a quick lesson or refresher.

Step #4: Return the Equipment When You’re Done (By End of Day)

All of the tools/equipment must be returned by the end of the business day.