Tips / Suggestions for Teaching a Class at the Makerspace

What are ways I could integrate the Makerspace into my course?

We recommend that you…

[1] Tailor your labs around the Makerspace equipment. Provide students freedom and flexibility on particular lab assignments. Encourage them to collaborate with others and be creative using the Makerspace. Decrease the structure of the assignment so students may choose to deviate if motivated to do so.

[2] Arrange for the instructor and TA team to come into the Makerspace beforehand to be trained by our shop staff on the relevant equipment. This will allow the instructors/TAs to give demos and be the first source of support. Makerspace staff is available to help though it’s not possible to fully support the teaching load of all the classes using the Makerspace.

[3] Have your lab sections meet in the Makerspace once to introduce the students to the equipment. To prepare, we can train you and/or the TAs of your class so they can run the class with minor support from the Makerspace staff.

[4] Encourage students to come back on their own time to leverage the staff and equipment within the CoE shops. The Makerspace is open into the evenings and on the weekends, which provides students with more flexibility. It’s difficult for the Makerspace to support groups >~ 30 on a regular schedule, though we can accommodate a very large number of students spread out over the entire day and week. If specialized or a significant amount of assistance is needed by your students, please have your TAs hold office hours in the Makerspace (for your students only). Our student staff can help train your TAs so they know how to use the Makerspace equipment and can assist your students as needed.

[5] Leverage the workshops offered within the Makerspace: Each week we offer workshops on topics that might align directly with the learning objectives of your course (e.g. 3D printing, microcontrollers/electronics… and we’re always open to new ideas); feel free to advertise these events as supplemental instruction for your students. Events / workshops are posted here.

Additional ideas:

[-] Offer / teach a workshop or event to the CoE or broader UW community. This is a low-stress way to test your teaching material and contribute to the broader community. Please contact the Shop Manager and/or Director with your idea – we may even be able to fund part or all of your idea.

Do students in my class need a permit and to pay the CoE shop materials fee?

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