Computer Aided Design (CAD)

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Onshape: The “official” CAD package of the Makerspace though our student staff know how to use many others. A very powerful, browser-based, free CAD program for university students, faculty and staff. Click here to create a free account. Note that Onshape was founded by the same person that founded Solidworks (article) so this is not your typical freeware CAD software – it’s a real engineering tool.

Other options at UW-Madison College of Engineering (Solidworks, Autodesk, NX, etc.):

Check out the CAD software available in the engineering computer labs (CAE) here. You can access this software via:

[1] CAE computer labs. Go here for their location (note: not in the Makerspace)

[2] Remotely using Citrix – click here for more info. This works on mac and windows via a browser.

Obtain Technical Support

See the calendar below for project support sessions and workshops.

Computer Aided Design Managers

Patrick Faue

Position title: Assistant Shop Manager

Ethan Foley

Position title: Technical Staff

Nick Garber

Position title: Technical Staff

Alex Janis

Position title: Technical Staff

Mindi Lam

Position title: Technical Staff

Jan Maroske

Position title: Assistant Shop Manager

Biswajit Mishra

Position title: Technical Staff

Brett Prussack

Position title: Assistant Shop Manager

Antony Rainchik

Position title: Technical Staff

Project Support

Below is the schedule of our most knowledgeable staff when it comes to CAD. Find a time when they’re working and then come in and ask the front desk staff to help you find them.

Note: Make sure to only come for help during the Makerspace hours here.

Support Staff Date Start Time End Time
Kirk Mendoza 05/26/2022 09:45 AM 04:30 PM
Jan Maroske 05/27/2022 08:30 AM 12:30 PM
Jan Maroske 05/31/2022 08:30 AM 05:00 PM
Jan Maroske 06/01/2022 08:30 AM 05:00 PM
Jan Maroske 06/03/2022 08:30 AM 12:30 PM