Open Source doc-cam for remote teaching and learning

Below shows our v1.0 design of  “doc-cam” that allows teachers / instructors to do the following with their phone:

[1] Show students hand-written notes during live remote learning

[2] Scan documents for sharing files

[3] Video chat by mounting phone on side stand

Design Features:

[-] Phone can be placed on the top (doc-cam mode) or on the side mounting stand (face video chat mode).

[-] A book is needed on the left to act as a counter-weight.

Open Source Design Details:

Materials: 1/4” MDF wood, 3/8” wooden rod – both available at most stores like Home Depot, Menards and/or Lowes.

Fabrication: We laser cut these two profiles (quantity = 2 each). Wooden rods are cut to 5 inches or ~127mm in length.

Assembly: Rods can be pushed in by hand or with a rubber mallet. At this time we have not found that glue is necessary. Takes 3-5 minutes to assemble.

Purchasing Option:

Sector67 has modified the design with additional features and is selling it (see below). Check out the video here for an overview of how it works.

Additional features: Adjustable height, clear polycarbonate material, rubber band holder to keep phone stationary.

Cost: 10 quantity at $16/each with free delivery, single quantity available at $20 picked up at Sector67 anytime (directions).

To order: Click here or send an email to


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