Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is a Makerspace?

The Makerspace is a place for students to collaborate, experiment and create. We are a community of designers and builders – a place for hands-on learning where limits don’t exist

Limitless? Yes, no limits and we guarantee it. If we work hard and collaboratively with others, anything can be achieved. We understand that there may be obstacles in the way and we’re here to help each other push through. We do this by providing:

  1. Technical Advice  Our staff members are artists, engineers, and machinists with years of experience – and they want to help you.
  2. Fabrication Facilities You can essentially make anything within the College of Engineering shops.
  3. Funding we offer small seed grants and can guide you to many other funding opportunities available.
  4. Community You won’t be able to do it alone – come and find a team of equally-passionate students.
  5. Networking If we don’t have what you need, we’ll connect you with a person or organization that does.

So bring your good ideas and hard work – we’re here to help.

Who can use the Makerspace?

The Makerspace and our collaborative work areas are open to the campus community. To use the equipment, there are a few requirements. Please see our Policies for complete details.

I am not an engineering student, can I use the Makerspace?

Yes, of course. We are open to the campus community, so our collaboration areas are open to everyone on campus, just stop on in. Through the M-Pass, non College of Engineering students can access to the majority of the equipment in the space, including our popular 3D printers, laser cutter, and more.

What if I want to hire someone to make my parts?

Check out the TEAM-Lab fee-for-service options here. You do not have to be a member of the College of Engineering to use this service. They offer great professional consultation and can fabricate just about anything. If you’re looking for 3D prints, check out the College Library (Helen C. White), or Dejope to print it yourself!

Do I have to pay to use the Makerspace?

Yes and No. Yes, to use the equipment. No, just to enter the space to collaborate (but not use the equipment).

As an Engineering student, your tuition covers a portion of your fees for the Makerspace. There’s one additional $50/semester fee which will also grant you access to the TEAM-Lab. This can be paid with a wiscard, credit/debit card, or set up by a Principle Investigator with a funding string. As a non Engineering student, your access to the Makerspace is likely with a lab or a class; in which case your tuition hasn’t paid for part of your access. This means your materials-fee is $100/individual, or $200 if you’re a part of a lab/semester. Everyone is required to pay for their own materials (e.g. wood, metal, 3D printer material, etc.). See policies here for more info.

What are the methods of payment for 3D prints, stock material, etc.?

You can pay via Wiscard, credit card, or a UW funding stream. Click here for details.

We do not accept cash as a form of payment – Thank you.

Am I eligible to waive the Materials Fee?

Certain people are eligible for a fee waiver. For example, Faculty/staff, TAs… click here and look under Materials Fee -> Exceptions.

May I work on personal projects in the Makerspace?

Yes – see policies here.

I'm an instructor, may I run a lab or an entire class at the Makerspace?

In general, yes. Details here. Some tips/suggestions here.

May I reserve the Makerspace for my event (1st and/or 2nd floors of Wendt)?

We host events in the Makerspace that are:

[-] Innovation-, design-, engineering-related.


[-] Connected to the College of Engineering in some way – either directly or through some collaboration.

More information can be found here.

If I invent something in the Makerspace, do I own the Intellectual Property (IP)?

“The UW is unique among U.S. universities in that it does not claim ownership rights in the intellectual property generated by its faculty, staff, or students, except when required by funding agreements. UW inventors do, however, have an obligation to disclose all inventions created while carrying out university duties, using any university funding, or using university premises, supplies, or equipment.” Click here for more information on IP at UW-Madison.

May I schedule a tour of the Makerspace?

Yes! Anyone that is connected to the UW community (which includes students, staff, faculty, collaborators, academic visitors, prospective students and/or their parents, alumni, etc.) is welcome to tour the Makerspace when we’re open (our hours are listed here). No reservation is needed unless it’ll be a group > 10 people. Just come to the front desk and ask for a tour. Simple as that. If the desk worker has stepped away, please ring the doorbell mounted on the desk and wait for them to return.  If you will be bringing a group > 10 people and/or have a question regarding tours, please contact: