Get Involved (Non-CoE)

The Makerspace is open to the UW community, and does not offer memberships to the public.

All UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff are welcome to come into the Makerspace and use the benches and tables – no permit or fee is required. If you’d like to use the equipment but are not a member of the UW-Madison’s College of Engineering (CoE) you have two options:

[Option #1]

Collaborate with a student or staff member from CoE on your project. There are many ways for non-engineering students to collaborate with CoE students: innovation competitionsstudent orgsMakerspace workshops – just to name a few. Students from business, arts, law: we encourage you to reach out and engage with CoE students through the Makerspace. See policies for more info.

[Option #2]

Obtain an “M-Pass” (apply here), which grants non-CoE students access to specific equipment and services available in the UW Makerspace. Most commonly it includes all of the equipment and services in the Makerspace except the Makerspace machine shop (drill presses, bandsaws, etc.). Karl Williamson, the shop manager will work with you to identify your needs and what we can safely offer.

Note: If you simply want something milled, lathed,or waterjetted, check out the TEAM-Lab fee-for-service options. You do not have to be a member of the College of Engineering to use this service. They offer great professional consultation and fabrication.