Learning & Technical Support

The Makerspace offers learning opportunities and technical support through:

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Project Support Sessions

Have a technical question or need general help with your project? On the equipment page for your project, find the project support hours the managers are available during, and stop in!

Project Support Sessions are for UW students, faculty, or staff only.


Makerspace workshops are listed on our on our homepage.

Workshops at the Makerspace typically:

  • Are open to anyone in the UW community (students, staff, faculty, alumni)
  • Range from introductory and intermediate to advanced.
  • Taught /run/created by our incredible team of student employees.
  • Are free.
  • Last 1 to 2 hours
  • Are drop-in, but are first come first served based on workshop capacity
  • Are meant to help through the initial hurdle of learning something new in a fun and social setting. We encourage students to come back often after the workshop on their own to deepen their knowledge through self-study and collaboration with others.

Drop-In Tutoring

Up the stairs from the Makerspace for Undergraduate Learning Center’s ‘drop-in tutoring’!  They likely have remote offerings available this year. More info on their page.

InterEgr 477: Tools for Prototyping and Manufacturing

The Makerspace + TEAM-Lab teaches a summer course that’s open to all majors at UW-Madison (not just engineers): InterEgr 477: Tools for Prototyping and Manufacturing. Students learn how to create physical objects along with some of the underlying theory for how the tools work. Tools include 3D printers, 3D scanners, thermoformers, CNC routers, welders, wood saws, mills, lathes, laser cutters, waterjets, machine tools, general electronics, microcontrollers and Virtual Reality. More Information here.