Machine Shop


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Steps for Access

If you would like to use the Makerspace Machine Shop, you are required to:

[1] Have a CoE Red or Green Permit and paid the materials fee* for this semester.

[2] Go to the Makerspace check-out window and ring the bell. The Makerspace staff will swipe your ID every time to verify [1] and then grant you access and support for using the Machine Shop.

*College of Engineering faculty and staff are not required to pay the materials fee, however, they must have the appropriate CoE permit. 

What and Where is the Makerspace Machine Shop?

The machine shop is outlined in red below. It contains the equipment that is more dangerous and thus must have a separately controlled area with more supervision.

What Equipment is in the Machine Shop?

  • All saws
  • All drill presses
  • Thermoformer
  • All routers
  • All pneumatic tools
  • Waterjet
  • All sanders

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