Machine Shop

The machine shop is outlined in red below. It contains the equipment that is more dangerous and thus must have a separately controlled area with more supervision.

Ready to print? You can head straight into the 3D print area and find a staff member to load your print.

Permit Requirements are enforced with wiscard swipes or m-passes.

College of Engineering faculty and staff are not required to pay the materials fee though they must have a CoE permit.

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Shop Machinery





Compound Sliding Miter Saw Benchtop Router Drum Sander Drill Presses
Panel Saw Compact Router Disc Sander Thermoformer
Band Saws (no steel) Laguna Router Belt Sander Variety of pneumatic tools, and cordless hand tools
Table Saw X-Carve Router Downdraft Sanding Table Waterjet
Jig Saws Handheld Orbital
Scroll Saw
Horizontal Bandsaw


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Shop Dress Code

  1. Any clothing, jewelry (e.g. rings, watches, dangling earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.), earphone cords, or other items that could become entangled in moving machinery are prohibited. Bracelets that cannot be removed (e.g. medical bracelets) may be taped in place.
  2. Lab users must wear clothes such that there is no skin visible below the base of the neck with the exception of arms/hands below the elbow (unless when welding or using tool with similar safety concerns). Clothing that resists light cuts and does not melt when burned (e.g. cotton jeans, canvas pants) is strongly preferred but not required (depending upon the environmental hazards). Leggings and similar synthetic fabrics are discouraged.
  3. Lab users must at minimum wear shoes that completely enclose their feet and do not increase the likelihood of a fall (e.g. high heel shoes would not be acceptable). Non-slip, steel toed boots are preferred but not required.
  4. Long hair (i.e. exceeding shoulder length) must be adequately restrained to prevent becoming entangled in moving machinery. Facial hair which extends more than six inches below the chin must also be similarly restrained.
  5. To ensure safety, head coverings must be tucked securely, and approved by shop staff before using the machines.
  6. Gloves must be removed before turning on or operating any machine. Gloves are generally discouraged when working in the lab (unless when welding or using a tool with similar safety concerns). If material is rough or sharp and gloves must be worn, place or handle material with the machine turned off (all moving parts stopped). Remove sharp edges with a file or similar tool before using the machine.
  7. Eye protection must be properly worn at all times by all individuals in fabrication areas. Always wear safety glasses or face shields (required when using hand grinders) designed for the type of work being done. Safety glasses must still be worn when using face shields or welding helmets.
  8. Personal safety glasses are allowed so long as they have side shields and meet or exceed the ANSI Z87+ standard.
  9. Hearing protection is required when working with machines or tools that produce an excessive (90db or greater) noise level for extended periods of time (e.g. when using hand grinders). Hearing (ear) protection is available for checkout.

Materials for Sale in the Minimart

Material Material Type Thickness Length & Width Cost
Plywood - Birch Wood 3/4 48 x 96 51.70
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/2 48 x 96 42.50
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/4 48 x 96 26.41
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/2 48 x 48 35.00
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/4 48 x 48 19.00
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 48 x 96 12.40
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 48 x 96 8.00
EPS Pink Foam 1 24 x 24 3.50
Polystrene Plastic 1/16 18 x 20 4.50
Polystrene Plastic 1/8 18 x 20 9.00
PETG Plastic 1/16 18 x 20 7.00
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 18 x 24 2.12
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 36 x 24 4.25
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 18 x 24 3.45
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 36 x 24 6.90
Veneered MDF Wood 1/4 18x24 3.90
Veneered MDF Wood 1/4 36x24 7.80
Plywood Wood 1/4 18 x 24 6.00
Plywood Wood 1/4 36 x 24 12.00
Foam Core 3/16 30 x 20 3.00
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/4 18 x 24 20.00
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/4 18 x 24 20.00
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/4 18 x24 18.25
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 40.00
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 40.00
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 36.50
Acetal Plastic 1/4 12 x 12 26.47
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x2 8 5.25
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x4 8 9.50
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x6 8 16.70

Machine Shop Project Support

Landon Bilka

Credentials: Technical Staff

Owen Brown

Credentials: Technical Staff

Aishwarya Deshpande

Credentials: Assistant Shop Manager

Alex Janis staff pic

Alex Janis

Credentials: Technical Staff

John Lombardo

Credentials: Instructor

Jan Maroske

Credentials: Assistant Shop Manager

Ryan Meekin

Credentials: Technical Staff

Corbin Neutgens

Corbin Neutgens

Credentials: Technical Staff

Brett Prussack

Credentials: Assistant Shop Manager

Jason Richards

Credentials: Technical Staff

Corinn Sievwright

Credentials: Technical Staff

Claire Winter

Credentials: Technical Staff

Check-in during the hours below for questions pertaining to design consultation, materials, and best practices.

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