Dobot magician Dobot Magician

Great for projects that involve anything needing an arm, a robotic arm of course.  Dobot has a gripper and suction cup that works with a Python API. Dobot includes 13 I/O ports, an interface for making custom modules, and support for Arduino if you’re the adventurous type, which we hope you are. Laser beam also included, wear eye protection.

Dobot Official Guide

AWS DeepLens

Deploy your computer vision application on AWS. DeepLens requires you to set up an account with AWS.  We can help you set it up!  After that, you can train, build, and deploy your deep learning models to DeepLens! Your friends will be impressed and you can put AWS on your resume. Trust me, employers love to see AWS on resumes.

Segway Robotics Loomo

Loomo provides an easy-to-use API to incorporate computer vision and robotic controls. Since Loomo is a Segway with an android tablet strapped to its head, you’ll have to make an Android app. Luckily Google has great documentation.

Android Guide

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