The interdisciplinary design program was developed in partnership with Plexus Corporation and the Makerspace. It is designed to bring engineering students from different majors together in interdisciplinary teams to tackle creative projects sponsored by industry and external partners.


This course will emphasize the design process and the creation of a thoughtfully engineered, tested and validated outcome or prototype.


Want to engage our students in an interdisciplinary project? Enter your idea here (link to form). Once reviewed, we’ll contact you and let you know if we can take on the project.


Step 1: Fill out form and scope of work

Step 2: We review scope and follow-up

Step 3: Get started



Funding for projects goes directly to the sponsored projects and the program to take on additional projects with professors and other non-profit organizations. This greatly expands our capabilities and community collaboration. We request $5,000 per project. Here (link to Give page) is where you can invest in this unique collaboration


These collaborations thrive with a fair amount of mentorship from the sponsor and we hope you can commit approximately 8 hours a semester. This varies though and is negotiated at the beginning of the project.


To learn more and discuss a collaboration around interdisciplinary design projects, let us know