• No training permit is needed to enter the Makerspace – all are welcome to collaborate in & utilize the common areas & tables
  • A training permit is needed to use the machines and/or to enter the “machine shop” area shown in red here
  • The Makerspace uses the College of Engineering (CoE) shop permit system (link here)
  • There are two types of permits used in the Makerspace: Blue and Red; Check out the list of equipment here to see which permit is required for each machine
  • There are “upgrades” to both the Blue and Red permits. These give you equipment-specific training and access. The training schedule can be found here.

Note: The training permits are a great opportunity for students to be professionally trained on fabrication equipment. They are meant to help students learn and not be an unnecessary hurdle. If you are an expert already, then the training should be a breeze and we may recruit you to help other students during training.