Thermoformers – Pre-Pandemic

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Steps for Access

Step #1: Permits and Fee

Ensure you have:

[-] A CoE permit (blue, red OR green is sufficient) and have paid your materials fee for this semester. Our student staff are required to swipe your ID every time to verify.


[-] A valid M-Pass. You must show our staff your physical M-Pass and wiscard.

Note: College of Engineering faculty and staff are not required to pay the materials fee though they still must have a CoE permit. 

Step #2: Talk to Student Staff

Find a Makerspace student staff member (they’re wearing a black apron). They can typically be found by the 3D printer area or go to the check-out window and ring the bell if needed. They will help you prepare your project and provide a cost.

Step #3: Pay for Your Print at the Check-Out Window

All projects must be paid for at the check-out window before being loaded to the thermoformer by our staff. Methods of payment are here.

Step #4: Begin the Project with Student Staff

The student staff will verify that you have paid and then load your project onto the thermoformer.

Equipment Specs

Make Model Qty Type and Features Permit Required
Formech 508DT 1 2x Reducing Windows (5 x 5″ & 11 x 11″ Aperture) Red Specs
FTM Inc. FS-24 1 2 ft. Strip Heater for Bending Plastics (1/2″ wide heated area). For use with plastics .100″ up to 1/2″ thick. Blue

Thermoformer Manager

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