Vinyl Cutter – Pre-Pandemic

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Steps for Access and Use

Step #1: Permits and Fee

Before using theVinyl Cutter, you must have:

[-] A CoE permit (blue, red OR green is sufficient) and have paid your materials fee for this semester


[-] A valid M-Pass with Vinyl Cutter access

Note: College of Engineering faculty and staff are not required to pay the materials fee, however, they must have a CoE permit. 

Step #2: Prep File 

The Makerspace has a laptop computer dedicated to prepping files for the Vinyl Cutter. You are welcome to use this File Prep Station or to bring your file in on a thumb drive.

Step #3: Obtain Approved Material

We recommend buying vinyl from the Makerspace Mini Mart – the list of materials we sell is here. You are welcome to bring in your own as well.

Step #4: Come In and Cut!

The Vinyl Cutter is first come first serve, no reservation is required.

Equipment Specs

Vinyl Cutter Equipment Specs

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