Virtual Reality

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Steps to Access and Use

Step #1: Permits and Fee

Ensure you have:

[-] A CoE permit (blue, red OR green is sufficient) and have paid your materials fee for this semester. Our student staff are required to swipe your ID every time to verify.


[-] A valid M-Pass. You must show our staff your physical M-Pass and WisCard.

Note: College of Engineering faculty and staff are not required to pay the materials fee, however, they must have a CoE permit. 

Step #2: Reach out to our technical staff at

VR for Teaching (Free for all Faculty/Staff at UW)

In the spring of 2019, the Makerspace started a 1-year pilot program with the Provost’s Office wherein any faculty or staff member at UW-Madison may check-out up to 20 Oculus Go headsets for teaching from the Kohler Visualization Lab.

If you’d like to reserve one or more headset(s) for your class, please make a reservation online here.


  1. There is no cost to the instructor.
  2. Only the Oculus Go headsets are part of this pilot program. Other Kohler Vis Lab AR/VR equipment requires an M-Pass or CoE Shop Permit.
  3. The Makerspace student staff provide basic technical support.
  4. This is only for faculty/staff at UW and not for students or student orgs.

Equipment Specs

Click here for a complete list of equipment.

Make Model Qty Type Permit Required
HTC Vive 2 Headset with base station, controllers Blue
HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit w/ Wireless 1 Headset with base station, controllers, wireless Blue
HTC Vive Tracker 2 Blue
Microsoft HoloLens 1 Headset Blue
Occipital Bridge 1 Headset Blue
Samsung Gear VR 1 Headset, Galaxy S8 phone included Blue
Samsung Gear 360 1 360 degree camera Blue
Humaneyes 3D 360 VR camera 1 360 degree camera Blue
Leap Motion Controller 1 Tracks both hands and all 10 fingers precisely and quickly. Blue
Oculus Rift + Touch 1 Blue
Oculus Go 26 None
Oculus Quest 5 all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality None
Google Tango Developer Kit 1 Tablet Blue
Google Cardboard 1 Needs phone to work Blue
Dell Mixed Reality Headset 1 Headset does not need base station Blue
Samsung Mixed Reality Headset 1 Headset does not need base station Blue
Google Day Dream 1 Needs phone to work Blue
Thalmic Labs Myo Gesture Control Armband 1 Armband Blue

AR/VR Managers

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