Waterjet – Pre-Pandemic

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Steps for Access and Use

Step #1: Permits and Fee

Ensure you have:

[-] A CoE permit (red) and have paid your materials fee for this semester. Our student staff are required to swipe your ID every time to verify. Note that the M-Pass does not grant you access to the waterjet unless approved by the shop manager (very rare).

Note: College of Engineering faculty and staff are not required to pay the materials fee, however, they must have a CoE permit. 


Note that the Omax waterjet is limited to a 12”x12” cutting bed. TEAM-Lab has a larger (4’x4′) waterjet they offer as a fee-for-service – click here for more info on the TEAM-Lab waterjet.  

Cost for machine run time: $.80/min


Equipment Specs


Make Model Qty Type and Features Permit Required
OMAX protoMAX 1 12×12” bed waterjet cutter Red


[-] The Following Materials (up to 1” thick) May be Cut:

  • Nearly any metal (Steel, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.)
  • Most kinds of stone
  • Most kinds of plastic
  • Most kinds of non-tempered glass
  • Well bonded laminates such as most carbon fiber

Cannot be Cut:

  • Tempered glass (shatters when cut, or shortly thereafter)
  • Some super hard ceramics such as Alumina (cuts too slow to be practical)

Other Notes:

  • Materials considered hazardous should not be cut (lead, etc.).


The Omax Layout and Make software is installed on the CAE computers in the Makerspace + on the laptop that student staff use to run the waterjet. You can also download it for free on your Windows computer here to learn / use the software ahead of time.

Note that you can also import 2D drawings into Layout from CAD, Illustrator, etc.

Software tutorials:

  • Layout software here.
  • Make software here.

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