Workshops are:

  • Listed on our Facebook events page.

  • Free and open to anyone in the UW community (students, staff, faculty, alumni). A small number require a fee ($5), but that’s usually because you get to take something cool home with you afterwards.
  • Geared towards newbies and thus only cover a basic introduction to the topic. We encourage students to come back often after the workshop – on their own – to deepen their knowledge through self-study and collaboration with others.
  • Meant to help students get over the initial hurdle of learning something new – in a fun and social setting.
  • Created and taught by Makerspace student staff or volunteers.
  • About 1 to 2 hours long.
  • Are first come, first serve. Please mark yourself as ‘going’ on our Facebook events page to assist us in anticipating attendance.  If you don’t use Facebook, you can email

For instructors:

  • There are typically 75 workshops per semester.
  • Workshop attendees will receive a “Certificate of Completion” at the end of the workshop. Students can take a photo of the certificate + their ID and submit it to Canvas as proof that they attended. Instructors need to create a Workshop Assignment ahead of time (see below).
  • If instructors require their students to attend a certain number of workshops per semester, we recommend:
    • Requiring 1 to 3 workshops per semester.
    • Creating an assignment in Canvas where the due dates are spread out over the semester.
    • Making the final workshop due well before the end of the semester (e.g. 2 or 3 weeks before the end). Since the workshops are taught by the Makerspace student staff, the number of workshops offered drops significantly towards the end of the semester when the staff become busy.
    • Using this example Canvas assignment with a due date for workshops (click here for a Canvas screenshot example):

Upload the picture of your ID placed on the “Certificate of Workshop
Competition” for the workshop you attend.

Please ask the Makerspace staff running the workshop if you cannot
find the certificate, which will be available only at the end of the

Below is an example of what the certificate looks like before the
Makerspace staff adds the workshop specific info: