Your Course at the Makerspace

Do you have a course lesson / lab you’d like to have at the Makerspace?

We would really enjoy hosting and supporting your course as long as it:

  • Is related to design, innovation, making, engineering;
  • Is being offered within the UW-Madison College of Engineering. If not, contact us to discuss – we do host some non-engineering courses (;
  • Does not conflict with an already scheduled event;
  • Does not exceed our capacity (depending on the details of the lab – e.g. we have 24 seats in our electronics area);
  • Has been scheduled with sufficient notice (one week or more depending on the details).

May the students in my class use the equipment in the Makerspace?

In short yes, but only during your lab session when you and/or your TAs are present and leading the instruction. If your students will come back on their own outside class time, they must have the appropriate permit (blue or red) and have paid their fee. Obtaining a valid permit requires a fee and training. For more information on obtaining a permit go here. To see which machines require a permit go here. See the list of options below for more info:

[table id=31 /]


  • All equipment must be checked out by the instructor and/or TAs. Students without a permit + fee will not be able to check out equipment on their own (e.g. VR headset, hand tools, etc.).
  • Our student staff will train you and/or your TAs beforehand on the Makerspace equipment.
  • Check out this page for tips / suggestions for using the Makerspace for your class.

What if I want to meet in the Makerspace regularly for the entire semester?

Your students will likely be required to have a permit and pay the materials fee. Please fill out the form below & we will review and respond as soon as we can.

How do I obtain approval?

Fill out the form below: