Your Event at the Makerspace

We welcome events in the Makerspace that are:

[-] Innovation-, design-, engineering-related.

[-] Connected to the College of Engineering in some way. Either directly or through some collaboration.

If your event qualifies, send us an email at 

We are happy to assist you in hosting your event. We like to think of ourselves as the venue, and you as the musicians!!

We can provide you with the space, the AV, furniture, and even slides you can modify to teach with for your event.

We can provide your team with the training necessary to provide a great workshop at our Makerspace!


What does planning an event or demonstration at the Makerspace look like?

[1] Email your prospective event details (agenda, dates and times, number of users, your affiliation, etc.) to

[2] Once confirmed, book a tour on the tours page if that’s part of your event. We will confirm the space you’ll be in for your event.

[3] A representative of your group should confirm the content you’ll be demonstrating, and confirm they have all the permit requirements. See a list of possible demonstration content here.

[4] After your event, please reset any furniture, wipe dirty surfaces, and collect anything left behind.

May the attendees of an event use the machines/fabrication equipment in the Makerspace?

Obtaining a valid permit requires a fee and training, so unless your group has these, they may not use any equipment. For more information on obtaining a permit see here. To see which machines require a permit see here.

Although attendees can’t directly use the machines/fabrication tools, they may observe approved demonstrations. Any demonstration for students who do not hold a permit must be approved by the shop manager. A demonstration does not qualify the attendee to then use the equipment themselves.

How do I get approval to give a demonstration that uses machine/fabrication equipment?

To avoid double booking the space and to prepare the appropriate safety equipment, please email us at

I want the students to continue to use the Makerspace after our event, can I cover their Materials Fees? 

Yes! Please create a payment account with your UW funding string, and a list of attendees (names and netIDs) whose fees you’ll be covering. Note: to cover a Materials Fee, the users must be in CoE. If they’re not in CoE, they’ll need an M-Pass to use the equipment at the Makerspace.


Please contact us with any questions.

Note about responsibilities: The meeting organizer is responsible for the setup of furniture, signs, trash bins, custodial support, and catering in all areas. Removal of furniture and/or equipment, cleanup of catering, and removal of trash is required at the end of the event on the day of the event. Extra trash from an event should be removed from the area and taken to the building shipping and receiving dock if special custodial services are not requested by the meeting organizer. Failure to return a space to its original state following an event may result in the denial of future requests for use of the event.