Your Event at the Makerspace


We host events that are innovation, design, engineering-related or are organized by someone affiliated with the College of Engineering. 

The Makerspace Team will ensure the space is ready for the Organizer (organizer of the event), but the Organizer must create, setup/tear down, and run their event.

To request an event, read through the information below and contact Maggie (Primary point of contact) with: your name, affiliation, agenda, catering plans, furniture needs, number of attendees and the date and time of the desired event.

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Does the Makerspace provide activities for my event?

The Makerspace Team can help the Organizer(s) brainstorm ideas, but ultimately the activities must be created, finalized and run by the Organizer.

Can attendees use the Makerspace equipment?

Yes, if the attendees have the proper training and have paid their fees.

If the permit+fees are not possible for your attendees, then the Organizer’s team must obtain the proper training ahead of time to run the equipment for all attendees (“demo” the use of the machine for attendees).

Can Makerspace staff can help with my event?

Usually one student staff from the Makerspace Team will be available to help during the event. Their primary responsibility is to make sure that the Organizer has what is needed to run their event. The Organizer will likely need to recruit others from within their own organization to help plan and run the event.

Who will order the materials for my activity / event?

All supplies and materials must be ordered / purchased by the Organizer. Many common items can be purchased in the Makerspace mini-mart.


Who will setup and clean-up from my event?

The Organizer is in charge of setting up and cleaning up after their event. They should work with the Makerspace Operations Manager to ensure specific arrangements are possible. The Makerspace Team will help with setup if staff is available though clean-up should be completely done by the Organizer and their team.

Failure to return a space to its original state following an event may result in the denial of future requests for use of the event.

Is food allowed in the Makerspace?

Yes, in most areas. Though double check with the Operations Manager.

Who will order the event food?

The Organizer.

Can the Makerspace provide a tour at my event?

Yes – most likely a student staff can provide a tour during your event! Please book a tour on the tours page.

Can the organizer pay for materials and fees for attendees?

Yes! Please create a payment account with your UW funding string, and a list of attendees (names and netIDs) whose fees you’ll be covering. During the event, attendees can purchase materials from the Makerspace mini-mart. *To cover a Lab Membership Fee, the users must be in CoE. If they’re not in CoE, they’ll need an M-Pass.