Update: Wendt Commons is closed until 1/25 but we are open by appointment

Reservation slots for most in-person fabrication have resumed. All slots will be available again come 1/25/2021.

No personal projects allowed.

Fee For Service - for Research only

Remote fabrication for most Makerspace technology areas is available via Fee-for-Service. Submit your request here, and we will reach out for more information.


Notes on Fee-for-Service:

[1] Your PI or FP must have a payment account with us for all fabrication costs. They may submit a request here.

[2] Fee-for-service is remote fabrication done by our staff, and we may include you on a video call.


Book a Reservation to Use the Space in-Person

In order to come in for your reservation, you must have your materials fee paid, and scan your wiscard at the door. If you don’t have your fee paid yet, you may pay it here.