Fall 2020 Updates:

Remote 3D Printing time slots are available to all users.

In-person fabrication is available by reservation for Undergraduate, Graduate Student, Faculty & Staff.

Fee for Service fabrication is available for Research.

Only users with in-person reservations will be allowed in the Makerspace (see below to make a reservation).

Hours of Operations are Monday – Friday, 9 – 5.

The CoE Shops Materials Fee is required and you must have your materials fee paid before entering the space.

No personal projects are allowed; course work, research, and student org. projects only.

No study/meeting space is available.

See our FAQ here for more info.

September 2 to November 26

In-Person Fabrication & Use

Most Makerspace fabrication equipment is available by reservation for in-person use. See the list below for available equipment and to sign up for a time slot.

Users can sign up for concurrent time slots.

Make sure you have paid your Materials Fee through EMU. We will not allow you in the space otherwise.

Remote Fabrication & Consultation

Requests for 3D prints will be processed remotely during a video chat with staff. These appointments are limited based on available staff.

Remote project support for most Makerspace technology areas is offered.

Research labs (or users with Funding #s) can request fee-for-service fabrication. Submit a request here.


Note for Fee-for-Service:

[1] You must have a payment account completed by your PI or FP for any fabrication costs. If you don’t have one, click here.

[2] The Makerspace and TEAM-Lab are open for limited in-person use if you would prefer to do it yourself.

[3] Fee-for-service is remote fabrication done by our staff.

Reservations & Contact Emails