We encourage you to create assignments for your course that utilize the Makerspace equipment. You can even have your lab section(s) meet occasionally in the Makerspace if there is space and availability.

Hosting my Class at the Makerspace

Details and tips for utilizing our lab for your class.

Training for your students and TAs

Simply require your students to follow the training steps above. We can waive CoE TA Lab Membership Fees for you, just email us!

Paying for materials

Students can pay for materials and fees in the Makerspace using their personal funds or through a Payment Account setup by the instructor.


Special Accommodations

We are committed to providing an accessible fabrication experience for all users. Through a collaborative process with faculty, staff, and students, reasonable accommodations are implemented to ensure equal access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities.
If you require special accommodations or have any questions regarding accessibility please contact us at