A Shop Permit and paid materials fee is required for students, faculty, and staff wishing to use the equipment.

If you are not in the College of Engineering, the M-Pass is your only option.

Step 1: To obtain a Permit, you must be part of the College of Engineering (CoE) or be currently enrolled in a course being offered by CoE.

Materials Fee  *Students must pay the Materials Fee each semester prior to Permit training or gaining access to a fabrication space. The Materials Fee is waived for CoE Faculty, Staff and Teaching Assistants (by request).

Lab Orientation  * Grants access to most Makerspace equipment.


Step 2: If you want more training and access after going through the Lab Orientation, see more info below. Equipment not listed below does not require additional permits, just what’s listed in Step 1.

Laser Permit *You’ll need this to use the laser cutter(s).

Red Permit  *You’ll need this to use the Makerspace shop.

Woodworking 1 *You’ll need this to use the table saw, the panel saw, and the miter in the Makerspace shop.


Step 3: Ready to use the ‘Space? Stop in or book a reservation* required for the laser cutter, waterjet, or CNC router.

Methods of Payment  Read more about payment options.

Special Accommodations

We are committed to providing an accessible fabrication experience for all users. Through a collaborative process with faculty, staff, and students, reasonable accommodations are implemented to ensure equal access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities.
If you require special accommodations or have any questions regarding accessibility please contact us at

Not part of UW?

The UW Makerspace does not offer memberships or services to the public. However, Madison is really fortunate to have awesome local hacker/maker spaces that ARE open to the public. Check out Sector67 and The Bodgery!