Kohler Visualization Studio

Student using VR equipment in Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio

Photos here of students using VR software designed by their professors for lab simulations.

The Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio is located on the 1st floor of the Wendt Commons and comprises The Visualization Studio (108), and the AR/VR Room (106).

Student using VR equipment in Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio

What is in the Kohler Visualization Studio?

AR/VR Development Room (106)

 Development equipment for students to create AR/VR experiences or other projects that require graphics intensive processing.

Equipment in the studio includes:

    • 4 workstations
    • Green screen
    • Tethered VR headsets
    • This lab space is part of the Design + Innovation Labs and can be accessed by students with 1) a CoE Shop Permit and 2) a paid Materials Fee.

Due to COVID this space is not currently available.

The Visualization Studio (108)

Collaborative space for teaching and learning while utilizing a wall sized touch screen, VR headsets, or group workstation. 

This space can accommodate ~ 32 co-working users or ~14 VR headset users.

To reserve this room …

Virtual Reality Headsets for Labs & Classes

The Kohler Visualization Studio offers wireless VR headsets for Collage of Engineering faculty/staff/instructors to use with students in their courses, labs, or research.

To submit a request fill out this form

Makerspace staff will coordinate with the requestor to determine:
[-] Where the headsets will be used. Space in the Kohler Studio or on the first floor of Wendt Commons can be provided.
[-] What dates users will need access to the headsets.
[-] How many headsets are being requested.
[-] What software is to be preloaded on the headsets.

About the VR headset Program:

[-] These headsets may only be reserved by a faculty/staff/instructor of the College of Engineering. Students can access other VR headsets and equipment through the Makerspace (see here for details).

[-] The headsets can be used either in the Kohler Visualization Studio (room 108) or be taken to off premisses by the requesting faculty/staff/instructor.

[-] Travel cases are provided for headsets taken off premises.

[-] The headset inventory includes; ## Oculus Quest 1, ## Oculus Quest 2, one (1) Microsoft Holo Lens 2

[-] Makerspace Staff are responsible for coordinating reservations, seeing that the headsets are clean and in working order, and loading software in advance of the reservations.

[-] The faculty/staff/instructor requesting the headsets are responsible for facilitating instructional content.

Rebecca Alcock


Can the Kohler Studio be reserved?

Yes, faculty/staff/instructors can coordinate with with the Makerspace Operations manger at maker-contact@engr.wisc.edu.

Is this all the VR/AR equipment that students have access to?

No, you can find a complete list of equipment under Virtual Reality in the Equipment navigation bar.