Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio

Due to the construction on the 1st floor of Wendt Commons, the Kohler Visualization Studio is not available to check out this year.

The Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio is located on the 1st floor of the Wendt Commons and comprises The Visualization Studio (108), and the AR/VR Room (106).

Student using VR equipment in Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio

Photos here of students using VR software designed by their professors for lab simulations.

The Visualization Studio (108)

Collaborative space for teaching and learning with a wall sized touch screen. This space can accommodate ~ 32 co-working users or ~14 VR headset users.

Use Requirements

Reserve Kohler Visualization Suite

Email us your room request (106 and/or 108), use case, any set-up requests. *Our mission is to foster hands-on learning and interdisciplinary collaborations for the College of Engineering, so reservations should fall within this use case.

See a complete list of AR/VR equipment

Information on equipment specs, hosting classes, and more on the AR/VR page.


AR/VR Development Room (106)

 This room houses development equipment for AR/VR experiences or other graphics intensive processing.

  • 4 workstations
  • Green screen
  • Tethered VR headsets
  • Lighting and photo documentation equipment