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Get Started 3D Printing:

Guide to 3D Printing

Check out our design guide or stop in and talk to our staff to determine which printer and/or filament is best for your project!

Cost Estimator Tool

To determine the price of a 3D Print, you can use our Cost Estimator Tool below, which calculates the price based on material consumption. You will need to know the number of grams for Ultimaker prints, the number of mL for Formlabs prints, the number of cubic centimeters for the Markforged, and cubic inches for the Stratasys.

Notes on “Food Safe” 3D Printing

Ready to print? You can head straight into the 3D print area and find a staff member to load your print.

Use Requirements

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Ultimaker (FDM/FFF)

We have over 30 printers from Ultimaker, including the Ultimaker 3, 3 Extended, S3, S5 and S5 Pro. These reliable prosumer printers are efficient and economical while producing high-quality parts.

Ultimaker Filaments

Ultimaker S5 Dimension Limits

Width Length Height
mm 330 300 240
inches 13 11.8 9.4

Ultimaker S3 Dimension Limits

Width Length Height
mm 230 190 200
inches 9.1 7.4 7.9

Bambu Lab (FDM/FFF)

We have 8 new Bambu Lab X1 Carbon and X1E printers which offer high quality parts with fast print speeds. The Bambu printers offer multiple material options with high reliability.

Bambu Lab Filaments

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Dimension Limits

Formlabs Form 2 and 3 (SLA)

We have five Form 2, three Form 3, and one Form 4 printer and offer most of the standard and engineering resins for these SLA printers that excel in printing small and intricate parts in high resolution.

Form 2 3D printer vs Form 3 3D printer

Formlabs Resins

Form Dimension Limits

Width Length Height
mm 145 145 175
inches 5.7 5.7 6.9

Formlabs Fuse 1 (SLS)

We have one Fuse 1 SLS printer from Formlabs. This printer does not use support material and prints in nylon 12. It is great for parts that would need difficult-to-remove support when using other methods.

Formlabs SLS Powders

Fuse Dimension Limits

Width Length Height
mm 165 165 300
inches 6.5 6.5 11.8


Stratasys F370 (FDM/FFF)

We have two Stratasys F370 (FFF) printers. This is also often known as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing. These are similar to the Ultimakers, but use a dissolvable support and prints with greater reliability.

Stratasys Filaments

Stratasys Dimension Limits

Width Length Height
mm 355 254 355
inches 13.98 10 13.98

Markforged & Dolomite

We have FFF 3D printers from Markforged & Dolomite that excel in certain areas, for example, the Dolomite is designed for microfluidics and the Markforged prints in carbon fiber reinforced nylon. Ask our staff about the advantages!

Markforged Dimension Limits

Width Length Height
mm 320 132 154
inches 12.6 5.2 6.06

Project Support

Check-in during the hours below for questions pertaining to design consultation, materials, and best practices.

*3D printer filaments and resins are not recyclable, so we do not collect them.

E-mail maker-3dprint@engr.wisc.edu with questions.