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The X-Carve table-top router does not require a reservation.

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Permit Requirements are enforced with wiscard swipes or m-passes.

College of Engineering faculty and staff are not required to pay the materials fee though they must have a CoE permit.

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The Laguna and xCarve routers both run gCode created in V-carve (PC only).

The UW Makerspace has a license that will let you create tool paths at home (before you come to the makerspace).

Follow these steps to get the UW makerspace version of Vcarve:

  1. Download the trial versions of Vcarve here. (Download v11 Trial)
  2. In the trial version go to “Help – About”, press “Enter Makerspace ID” button on the dialog and enter the UW Makerspace ID 92C2F-2BAE0-A645E-207E7-9E911-31644-1D7F6 (Note: Makerspace ID was updated on 12/19/22).
  3. Restart Vcarve.

The last page of this PDF has the same instruction with images.

Note: The Makerspace Version of Vcarve does not post gCode. This is intentional, trained makerspace staff will check your tool paths before posting code to run on our machines.

V-Carve Tutorials

Start with this “Wing Spar” tutorial here to learn how to cut 2D profiles.

Vectric, the maker of Vcarve, provides very good tutorials here.

Makerspace Tool Library for V-Carve

A tool database for V-Carve with preset feeds and speeds for common materials can be found here. Currently this database only has imperial end mills.

To use this database you will have to have V-Carve installed (see Software above).

-In V-carve go to the Toolpaths panel and select Display Tool Database.

-Delete all existing tools and import the new tool database.


The Xcarve router uses a software named Easel. You can design your file in Easel or design it in Vcarve and export the file g-code into Easel. Easel works directly with the router; however, it has less features that Vcarve. If you use Vcarve, Makerspace staff will have to export the g-code due to licensing.


The Makerspace sells the follow sheet goods in the Mini-Mart. You can also use your own materials on the CNC routers if approved by the staff. If you have questions regarding the machinability of materials, please come to a Project Support Session to contact our CNC router managers.

Material Material Type Thickness Length & Width Cost
Plywood - Birch Wood 3/4 48 x 96 51.70
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/2 48 x 96 42.50
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/4 48 x 96 26.41
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/2 48 x 48 35.00
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/4 48 x 48 19.00
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 48 x 96 12.40
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 48 x 96 8.00
EPS Pink Foam 1 24 x 24 3.50
Polystrene Plastic 1/16 18 x 20 4.50
Polystrene Plastic 1/8 18 x 20 9.00
PETG Plastic 1/16 18 x 20 7.00
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 18 x 24 2.12
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 36 x 24 4.25
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 18 x 24 3.45
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 36 x 24 6.90
Veneered MDF Wood 1/4 18x24 3.90
Veneered MDF Wood 1/4 36x24 7.80
Plywood Wood 1/4 18 x 24 6.00
Plywood Wood 1/4 36 x 24 12.00
Foam Core 3/16 30 x 20 3.00
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/4 18 x 24 20.00
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/4 18 x 24 20.00
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/4 18 x24 18.25
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 40.00
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 40.00
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 36.50
Acetal Plastic 1/4 12 x 12 26.47
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x2 8 5.25
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x4 8 9.50
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x6 8 16.70

Useful Links and Guides

Example Stool for CNC Workshop – Here.

Folder of 3D tabs sometimes used when creating 3D tool-paths – Here.

CNC Project Support

Landon Bilka

Credentials: Technical Staff

Owen Brown

Credentials: Technical Staff

Ryan Meekin

Credentials: Technical Staff

Corbin Neutgens

Corbin Neutgens

Credentials: Technical Staff

Brett Prussack

Credentials: Assistant Shop Manager

Jason Richards

Credentials: Technical Staff

Corinn Sievwright

Credentials: Technical Staff

Check-in during the hours below for questions pertaining to design consultation, materials, and best practices.

CNC Project Support

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