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You may cancel your appointment if necessary through Fusion.

The X-Carve table-top router does not require a reservation.

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Use Requirements

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The Laguna and xCarve routers both run gCode created in V-carve (PC only).

The UW Makerspace has a license that will let you create tool paths at home (before you come to the makerspace).

Steps for the Makerspace users

Makerspace users will be required to access the invitation link below and add their email address.  If you already have a V&Co account, you should use the email address associated with your account.

After signing up you will receive an email with an invitation lint that you must access in order to complete the membership signup process.

Once this is done, you will be able to sign into the VCarve Pro Trial software and create projects to cut at the Makerspace.

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Note: The Makerspace Version of Vcarve does not post gCode. This is intentional, trained makerspace staff will check your tool paths before posting code to run on our machines.

V-Carve Tutorials

Start with this “Wing Spar” tutorial here to learn how to cut 2D profiles.

Vectric, the maker of Vcarve, provides very good tutorials here.

Makerspace Tool Library for V-Carve

A tool database for V-Carve with preset feeds and speeds for common materials can be found here. Currently this database only has imperial end mills.

To use this database you will have to have V-Carve installed (see Software above).

-In V-carve go to the Toolpaths panel and select Display Tool Database.

-Delete all existing tools and import the new tool database.


The Xcarve router uses a software named Easel. You can design your file in Easel or design it in Vcarve and export the file g-code into Easel. Easel works directly with the router; however, it has less features that Vcarve. If you use Vcarve, Makerspace staff will have to export the g-code due to licensing.


The Makerspace sells the follow sheet goods in the Mini-Mart. You can also use your own materials on the CNC routers if approved by the staff. If you have questions regarding the machinability of materials, please come to a Project Support Session to contact our CNC router managers.

Material Material Type Thickness Length & Width Cost
Plywood - Birch Wood 3/4 48 x 96 51.70
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/2 48 x 96 42.50
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/4 48 x 96 26.41
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/2 48 x 48 35.00
Plywood - Birch Wood 1/4 48 x 48 19.00
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 48 x 96 12.40
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 48 x 96 8.00
EPS Pink Foam 1 24 x 24 3.50
Polystrene Plastic 1/16 18 x 20 4.50
Polystrene Plastic 1/8 18 x 20 9.00
PETG Plastic 1/16 18 x 20 7.00
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 18 x 24 2.12
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/8 36 x 24 4.25
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 18 x 24 3.45
Hardboard (HDF) Wood 1/4 36 x 24 6.90
Veneered MDF Wood 1/4 18x24 3.90
Veneered MDF Wood 1/4 36x24 7.80
Plywood Wood 1/4 18 x 24 6.00
Plywood Wood 1/4 36 x 24 12.00
Foam Core 3/16 30 x 20 3.00
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/8 18 x 24 10.75
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/8 36 x 24 21.50
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/4 18 x 24 20.00
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/4 18 x 24 20.00
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/4 18 x24 18.25
Acrylic - Black Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 40.00
Acrylic - White Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 40.00
Acrylic - Clear Plastic 1/4 36 x 24 36.50
Acetal Plastic 1/4 12 x 12 26.47
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x2 8 5.25
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x4 8 9.50
Dimensional Lumber Wood 2x6 8 16.70

Useful Links and Guides

Example Stool for CNC Workshop – Here.

Folder of 3D tabs sometimes used when creating 3D tool-paths – Here.

CNC Project Support

Check-in during the hours below for questions pertaining to design consultation, materials, and best practices.

CNC Project Support

E-mail with questions.