Laser Cutter

Reservations Required

Reserve the Laser Cutter

***Users may reserve the laser cutter for a max total of 2 hours over a 1-week period***

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Permit Upgrade and Use

CoE permit (Lab Orientation OR red/green permit is sufficient), paid materials fee for this semester, and Laser Cutter 1 upgrade (CoE Students) are required. Laser Cutter upgrade seminar dates, times, and locations are posted in EMU under the “My Status” page.

Prep File

The Makerspace has a desktop computer dedicated to prepping files for the Laser Cutter. You are welcome to use this File Prep Station or to bring your file in on a thumb drive.

Check-In with Student Staff at Your Reserved Time

  • Please show up for your reservation on time. Check-in with the front desk and they will direct you to your station.
  • The student staff member will log into the laser cutter using their personal CAE account and help you load the file and material. The light above the Laser Cutter will turn green for the duration of your cut.
  • Once the laser is cutting, the user is responsible for monitoring the cut until finished and press the pause or e-off if anything looks weird (e-off if there’s a fire).
  • Once the user’s job is completed, the light above the Laser Cutter will turn red. Users should let staff know they are finished and the student staff will log off of the machine.

Equipment Specs & Software


Make Model Qty Features Permit Required
Universal ILS9.150D-150 1 150W (2x75W) lasers, 36” x 24” x 12” bed Lab Orientation + Laser Cutter 1 Upgrade Manufacturer’s Manual Specs

Click here for a complete list of equipment.

  • Laser Processing Area = 36” x 24”
  • Maximum material cut depth = .5”


You will need a 2D vector file, which can have the following file types: .dxf, .ai, .pdf

These files can be generated from multiple software packages including:

  • 3D (CAD): Solidworks, Onshape, Fusion 360
  • 2D: Illustrator, Gravit, Inkscape

The Makerspace has a computer available for file prep – just look for the file prep station near the laser cutter. CAE login not required.

Unapproved Materials


Google Doc source is here

Approved Materials


Google Doc source is here

Useful Links and Guides

Laser Cutter Managers

Patrick Faue

Position title: Assistant Shop Manager

Corbin Neutgens

Position title: Technical Staff

Corinn Sievwright

Position title: Technical Staff

Do you have a question about Laser Cutting?

Below is the schedule of our most knowledgable staff when it comes to CNC routing. Find a time when they’re working and then come in and ask the front desk staff to help you find them.

Note: Make sure to only come for help during the Makerspace hours here.

or e-mail with your question.