Electric Heating Jacket

Electric Jacket Maker Group

Join the Electric Jacket Maker Group to learn a variety maker-skills involving electronics, programming, and textiles! By the end of the semester, you will have a fully functioning electric jacket to keep you warm. Electric heating pads will be sewn into a thin vest, which can then be attached to the inside of your favorite jacket. You will get a chance to add your own custom electronics to control the level of heating through a temperature sensor, knob, or both! Together, we will learn the basics of electric heating, battery capacity, Arduino programming, transistors, soldering and sewing!


Time & Costs

This Maker Group will meet for three, 1-hour long sessions. The total cost of materials is $30-60, depending on your specific design.


  • Simple zipper vest
  • Electric heating pads
  • Control electronics
  • USB battery packs


Session 1 : Soldering and Circuit Wiring

March 2, 2:30-3:30 pm, In-person


In this session we’ll cover:

  1. Introduce the Makerspace Staff and other makers in the group (10 min )
  2. Overview of electrical design of jacket/schematic (15 min)
  3. PCB/Perfboard soldering practice (15 min)
  4. Work on electronics and heating pad wiring (20 min)

Homework: Complete circuit board and heating pad wiring


Session 2 : Arduino Programming

March 9, 2:30-3:30 pm, via Zoom 


In this session we’ll cover:

  1. Basics of Arduino
  2. Programming your Arduino to control the heating of your jacket


To prepare for this session:


Session 3 : Sewing Vest with Heating Pads

March 16, 2:30-3:30 pm, In-person


In this session we’ll cover:

  1. How to use a sewing machine (20 mins)
  2. How to sew heating pads into vest (20 mins)
  3. How to sew wiring into vest (20 mins)

Homework: Sew heating pads into vest