Virtual Reality

VR Headsets for Instruction & Research

Any faculty or staff member at UW-Madison may check-out  headsets for instructional use thanks to a partnership with the Provost’s Office and the College of Engineering.


If you’d like to reserve one or more headsets for your class, please start with this form or  contact us at

  • All requests must be placed at least 3 weeks in advance for software installs.
  • There is no cost to the instructor – including Materials Fees, or an M-Pass.
  • Only the Oculus Go and Quest headsets are part of this pilot program. Other Kohler Vis Lab AR/VR equipment require an M-Pass or CoE Shop Permit.
  • This is only for faculty/staff at UW and not for students or student orgs to check out.
  • The instructors will need to provide software and/or access to the software.
  • The instructors will need to verify software at least 3 days in advance of the event or class.
  • The headsets can be used in the Kohler Vis Lab but the lab needs to be reserved separately via EMS website.
  • The headsets can be used outside the Makerspace with Shop Manager approval.
    • The instructor will need to provide a pickup time and drop off time.
    • The instructor will need to provide the names of people picking up and dropping off.
  • Makerspace can provide staffing if there is availability.
  • The Makerspace student staff can provide basic technical support. You may reach them at

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Responsibilities of Parties

● All instructors using the space will provide: Their own instructional content and teaching support to students using the VR equipment as part of their class (e.g. a TA to walk students through the instructional content as needed).

● The Makerspace will staff provide the equipment and technical support as mentioned below but will not be able to run, organize, teach lab lessons, and/or create educational content specific to a course. 

● The following items can be provided:

 1. 21 Oculus Quest 1, 64 GB VR headsets

2. 10 Oculus Quest 2, 64 GB VR headsets

3. 25 Oculus Quest Go, VR headsets

4. Cases to safely transport and store headsets

5. Disposable headset covers

6. AA rechargeable batteries and battery charger

● The Makerspace will:

1. Setup, label, and number the headsets and controllers

2. Charge and store the headsets when not in use

3. Replace and charge controller batteries when needed

4. Coordinate schedules with instructors, including time instructors may

need to load files to the headsets

5. Provide technical support to instructors regarding VR headsets, including hardware, firmware updates, and file uploads to the headsets if requested by the instructor.

6. Troubleshoot headsets that are malfunctioning (based on staffing availability and may not occur on-demand).

7. Offer a brief orientation to the Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio for instructors using the VR headsets in their courses.

8. Provide disposable headset covers at the request of instructors; requests must be made in a reasonable timeframe (to be established at a later date); purchase additional disposable headset covers when the initial supply is depleted.

9. Insert or remove glasses spacers in headsets as needed; instructors must request number of headsets needing glasses spacers in advance in a reasonable timeframe (to be established at a later date).


● Makerspace staff with VR expertise may not be present during all scheduled lab times so advanced planning will be needed. It’s recommended that each course has a lab TA that is fairly knowledgeable with frequent questions and issues with their lesson.

● Makerspace staff will do their best to ensure the equipment is ready and working properly for each reservation; however, users must be prepared to use the equipment independently.

● The VR equipment is not to be removed from the Kohler Innovation Visualization Studio unless approved by the shop manager.


● Any CoE instructor may reserve the VR equipment and/or room. Instructors should reserve blocks of time for their students to come in groups (labs) to use the equipment. A list of students in each lab section should be provided to the Makerspace staff.

● Equipment can only be reserved by CoE instructors and will be granted a reservation on a first-come-first-served basis. No priority will be given to any specific CoE department or instructor.

● CoE students may use the equipment without an instructor or TA present, though the lessons need to run autonomously in this case.


AR/VR Managers

Kirk Mendoza

Credentials: Technical Staff

Ava Pezza

Credentials: Technical Staff

Akshay Vankayala

Credentials: Technical Staff

Yash Wani

Credentials: Assistant Shop Manager

Project Support

Check in during the hours below for questions pertaining to design consultation, materials, and best practices.

Support Staff Date Start Time End Time
Ava Pezza 09/26/2022 10:25 AM 12:00 PM
Yash Wani 09/26/2022 01:00 PM 06:00 PM
Akshay Vankayala 09/27/2022 02:30 PM 04:00 PM
Ava Pezza 09/27/2022 01:00 PM 02:00 PM
Yash Wani 09/28/2022 12:00 PM 02:00 PM
Yash Wani 09/29/2022 12:30 PM 04:00 PM
Yash Wani 09/30/2022 02:00 PM 06:00 PM
Ava Pezza 09/30/2022 10:25 AM 12:00 PM

E-mail with questions.