• Is only for UW students enrolled in a degree program, and for current UW faculty/staff outside the College of Engineering (CoE).
  • Is for makers using the space for engineering, design, and/or innovation.
  • Costs $150 per semester, and is registered for the current semester no matter when you apply.

See semester schedules

  • You may not use ECB equipment or services with the M-pass.
  • This membership does not cover the cost of consumables.
  • M-Passes may not to be used for personal production for profit, or for furniture projects.

Step 1:

Request an M-Pass

*If you’re paying with a funding string, your PI must create a payment account first.

Step 2:

Complete Lab Orientation

    1.  Complete the Canvas module training


Obtain your Laser Training

    1. Complete the Canvas module training
    2. Attend in-person hands-on training session


Request the Makerspace Shop Training

*Not available November-December/April-May

To use the machine shop you will need to be trained in a 2 part series; bandsaws, drill press, and sanders, and then the panel saw, table saw, and miter saw.  Each training will take 1 hour. Email our Shop Manager to schedule an appointment. This option is by request and is not a guaranteed option through the M-Pass.


*To renew your M-Pass, please re-submit the request form above.