The M-Pass grants access to most equipment at the Makerspace. You will be prompted to indicate the level of training you'd like in the registration form below.

The M-Pass is only for UW students, faculty, and staff outside the College of Engineering (CoE). Students must be in a degree program to purchase this permit.

  • Costs $150 per semester. If your fee is being paid by a professor/PI, ask them to create a Payment Account.
  • Your M-Pass is registered for the current semester no matter when you apply.
  • You may not use TEAM-Lab equipment or services with the M-pass.
  • All users must pay for consumables such as 3D printing material, stock material for the laser cutter, etc.

Step 1: To obtain your M-Pass, submit this request form.

Request an M-Pass *If you’re paying with a funding string, your PI must create a payment account first.


Step 2: If you want more training and access, see more info:

Obtain your Laser Training (Optional)

    1. Complete the Canvas module training
    2. Attend in-person hands-on training session

Request the Makerspace Shop Training (Optional)

Email our Shop Manager to schedule an appointment. To use the machine shop you will need to be trained in a 2 part series.  The first training is with the bandsaws, drill press, and sanders.  The second training is on the panel saw, table saw, and miter saw.  Each training will take 1 hour of time.


*To renew your M-Pass, please re-submit the form above.

*M-Passes are not to be used for personal production for profit.

Special Accommodations

We are committed to providing an accessible fabrication experience for all users. Through a collaborative process with faculty, staff, and students, reasonable accommodations are implemented to ensure equal access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities.
If you require special accommodations or have any questions regarding accessibility please contact us at maker-contact@engr.wisc.edu

General Public

The UW Makerspace does not offer memberships or services to the public. However, Madison is really fortunate to have awesome local hacker/maker spaces that ARE open to the public. Check out Sector67 and The Bodgery!