The M-Pass grants access to most equipment at the Makerspace for a 6-month period. You will be prompted to indicate the level of training you’d like in the registration form below.


  • Is only for students, faculty, and staff outside the College of Engineering (CoE). It is not a CoE Shop Permit (Lab Orientation, red/green permit).
  • Costs $100 (non-research projects) or $200 (research projects). If your fee is being paid by a professor/PI, it’s likely for Research. Examples of non-research are class/team projects, personal projects, etc.
  • Your M-Pass is registered for the 6 month period no matter when you apply (not on a semester schedule).
  • You may not use TEAM-Lab equipment or services with the M-pass.
  • All users must pay for consumables such as 3D printing material, stock material for the laser cutter, etc.

Request an M-Pass *If you’re paying with a funding string, your PI must create a payment account first.

Obtain your Laser Permit (Optional)

  1. Pass the above quiz with 100% before attending an in-person seminar.
  2. Attend in-person seminar (listed on our events calendar on our homepage). Be prepared to show the host your completed online laser quiz.

Request the Shop 1 or 2 upgrade (Optional)

Email our Shop Manager to schedule an appointment. To use the machine shop you will need to be trained in a 2 part series.  The first training is with the bandsaws, drill press, and sanders.  The second training is on the panel saw, table saw, and miter saw.  Each training will take 1 hour of time.

Re-schedule Your M-Pass Tour *Only do this if you’ve already completed the ‘Request an M-Pass’ workflow above.