One Health: UW Makerspace Makeathon 2023



Problem statement: With a focus on addressing the heightened vulnerability of marginalized populations (those experiencing housing insecurity, individuals with disabilities, stray animals, etc.), develop a product or system that will mitigate the impact of escalating high temperatures on these groups.

Extreme heat events pose major health risks to humans and animals around the world, resulting in increased health problems, hospitalizations, and fatalities. In the United States, heat is the leading cause of weather-related death, presenting an even greater challenge in the coming years and decades as the global community faces new and accumulating effects of climate change.

These events particularly endanger vulnerable populations, such as those in low-income neighborhoods, individuals facing housing insecurity, the elderly, and individuals with underlying health conditions. Additionally, pets, livestock, and wildlife are also at an increased risk.

At ‘One Health Makeathon’ we will work collaboratively to devise innovative product and systems-level solutions for these high-risk groups confronting the growing heat challenges in Wisconsin.

See Wisconsin Heat Health Network ( for more information.

UW Makeathon 2023 – Thanks for coming!!

Interdisciplinary collaborations, prizes, food and fun!

College of Engineering + Global Health Institute

Join us for a unique making experience at the UW Makerspace! At this hands-on design sprint, teams will ideate and prototype healthcare solutions using our many resources.

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