Student Staff Portal

1/28 All Staff Agendas

Policies for Student Staff:

Report Your Hours:

  • Submit your hours worked by Saturday (12pm) of the pay period. Slack will remind you every two weeks on Friday to do this.
  • Use Deputy to punch in & out for every shift, ensuring your Deputy timesheet matches hours worked
  • Enter your time into the UW HR timesheet (Time and Absence widget). See this tutorial for help!
  • If you do not enter your hours uploaded in time, you will get locked out of your timesheet and will need to contact to correct your timesheet.
  • Reminder: You’re eligible for a raise by this structure below. We update this semesterly (summers included).
    0-2 semester = $10/hour
    3-4 semesters = $11/hour
    5-6 semesters = $12/hour
    7+ semesters = $13/hour


  • Please use the D+I font, Oswald (Or Alwyn New if you have access) when creating tags for new equipment. You can add it to your Illustrator library via Adobe Fonts
  • Logos and templates are in this folder. Please save additional templates there too, if you make any! Note: These files are shared with the maker-contact account and the gmails.
  • Colors, Hex codes: Blue:9FDBF2, Off-white:E5E5DA, Badger Red:c5050c


  • [NEW] 3D Print intake form (this is for users): Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking (This is what staff processes requests via) Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking SOP, with account log-in info.: Here

Front Desk FAQs

  • Please add anything via comment!

Tech Staff FAQs + Resources


  • M-Passes are for students who are outside of CoE, but still are UW students. It lasts one semester, but that timeline doesn’t necessarily overlap with the academic semester timeline. Send anyone with questions to the front desk.



  • There are two types of workshops:
    • Makerspace Fundamentals, a regular, recurring series of workshops that cover fundamental topics such as 3D printing, electronics, etc. The content for these already exists!
    • Make it Fun,  topics that student staff create on their own (or reuse from the past) that are more creative, based on their passions, eye-catching, enticing, mysterious…. Staff will help to create new content for each workshop but once it is created we will adjust the workshop for the next time it is going to be run.  The content should be easy to have different students lead the workshop.  
      • Step #1: Come up with a project!
      • Step #2: Fill out the Workshop Submission Form.
        • Front Desk will create a Facebook event & IG post with all the information.
      • Step #3: Order materials for the workshop if needed. Cap workshops, and order accordingly. Lead times may be long. If you need materials, order ~2 weeks in advance.
      • Step #4: GIVE THE WORKSHOP!

Workshop requirement for all staff:

  • Lead a minimum of one workshop and assist two workshops this semester. Though you’re encouraged to do more as your schedule permits!

Email if you have a photo you’d like to be posted on social media with your workshop reminder.

Submitting an order request:


  • Search for your needs via UW-contracted vendors first on ShopUW+. If they have what you’re looking for, send the cart request to Muldowney.
  • Then, post a screenshot or descriptive sentence of what you ordered on the #orders channel. Front desk will tag you when it’s arrived.

Outside of ShopUW+

  • If ShopUW+ doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or if it’s SUPER expensive (>$10), send a screenshot of the failed search to Maggie via the Slack #orders channel along with the alternative vendor (e.g. Amazon) request.
  • See the Slack #orders channel for examples.

For Large orders:

Please use this template: