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    • Fundamentals: recurring series of workshops managed by Fab Fellows and Full-time staff that have been developed/revised over many years. These workshops are generally more skill-focused and less project-focused and:

      1. Benefit the physical space by regularly making us assess basic supply levels (and buy things we need to support specific areas); signal our commitment to supporting certain projects to our community
      2. Are great staff onboarding/training experience; forces new students to step up and learn by teaching; leadership and presentation skill development
      3. Helps fill in curriculum gaps; students learn what they don’t learn in class. Also helps staff avoid repetitive questions that are addressed in workshop


Fundamentals Slides:

3D Printing


CNC Router

Electronics 1: Arduino [Official Module for all workshops]

Electronics 2: Motors



  • [NEW] 3D Print intake form (this is for users): Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking (This is what staff processes requests via) Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking SOP, with account log-in info.: Here
  • Waterjet form

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Opening a Service Account Inbox

Make a Purchase


  • Search for your needs via UW-contracted vendors first on ShopUW+. If they have what you’re looking for, search for “Muldowney” and send the cart request to Margaret.
  • Then, post a screenshot or descriptive sentence of what you ordered on the #orders channel. Front desk will tag you when it’s arrived.

Outside of ShopUW+

  • If ShopUW+ doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or if it’s SUPER expensive (>$10), send a screenshot of the failed search to Maggie via the Slack #orders channel along with the alternative vendor (e.g. Amazon) request.
  • See the Slack #orders channel for examples.

Large orders:

Please use this template:

Hourly Rates, Timesheets, and Missed Submissions

Submit your timesheets from Deputy into MyUW before Saturday every two weeks. You can enter and save daily, or enter everything in on Friday. You will be reminded of this timing in Slack.
  • Use Deputy to punch in & out for every shift
  • Deputy timesheet should be correct- no missed punches.
  • Enter shifts into MyUW timesheet through the Time and Absence widget. Make sure the total hours reported match your total in Deputy.

If you missed entering your time, email those details (time in, time out, total hours worked, date) our HR rep Vicki Kelly (

*Semesters are counted at the end of a semester worked

[-] Raises are structured as follows:
0-2 semester = $14/hour
3-4 semesters = $15/hour
5-6 semesters = $15.50/hour
7-8 semesters = $16/hour
9+ semesters = $16.50/hour

Timesheet Reminders!

Payment Accounts + M-Passes


Payment Accounts

Waterjet Form


  • M-Passes are for students who are outside of CoE, but still are UW students. It must be renewed each semester – fall, spring, summer. Send anyone with questions to the website or front desk.



Schedule all maintenance shifts with your Team leader (Fab Fellow)!

Reserving the Conference Room

  1. Stop by the front desk and ask to use the conference room.
  2. They will confirm if it’s available.


  1. Create an Outlook invite with
  2. Open additional settings, and see when they’re available. If no one else has the conference room booked, you may move ahead with creating your event. Make sure you state the location of the event as “Conference Room”.

Can't Make your Shift?

Plan ahead!

  • You must post in #schedules at least 3 days in advance if you know you won’t be able to make your shift.
  • If you post less than 3 days in advance repeatedly, your employment will be reassessed.