Student Staff Portal

Policies for Student Staff:

  • The Makerspace Staff Handbook
  • Student Staff Agreement
  • Operations Staff Resources
  • The Makerspace is now requiring 2 Professional Development courses for all staff members each semester.
    • List of remote options Yes, you do get paid to do these $$ (3 hrs max)
    • Operations Team – submit your notes after you’ve completed your Professional Development courses here.
  • Makerspace Student Team Drive Folder

Report Your Hours:

In order to get paid for your hours, you must do the following:

  • Submit your hours worked by the last Saturday (12pm) of the pay period. Set up a calendar reminder to submit every other week so you get paid timely for your hours.
  • Use Deputy to punch in & out for every shift
  • Ensure your Deputy time sheet matches hours worked
  • Enter your time into the UW HR timesheet
    • You can access the MyUW Madison portal at using UW-Madison NETID username and password.  On the MyUW Madison portal, the Timesheet widget can be accessed through the Time and Absence widget.
    • To enter the time worked, visit MyUW at and open the Work Record tab.
  • If you do not enter your hours into your HR timesheet in time, you will get locked out of your timesheet and will need to CONTACT HR to correct your timesheet.


  • Please use the D+I font, Oswald (Or Alwyn New if you have access) when creating tags for new equipment. You can add it to your Illustrator library via Typekit.
  • Logos and templates are in this folder. Please save additional templates there too, if you make any! Note: These files are shared with maker service accounts and gmails.
  • Colors, Hex codes: Blue:9FDBF2, Offwhite:E5E5DA, Badger Red:c5050c


  • [NEW] 3D Print intake form: Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking ( Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking SOP, with account log-in info.: Here
  • [OLD, Discontinued 4/8/21] 3D Printer Form: Here

Front Desk FAQS:

  • Please add anything via comment to this doc!


  • M-Passes are for students who are outside of CoE, but still are UW students. It lasts one semester, but that timeline doesn’t necessarily overlap with the academic semester timeline. See a log of M-Pass holders here. Note: During COVID, we are not offering M-Passes to prioritize CoE students.



  • Step #1: Come up with a project that can be done remotely or safely in-person!
  • Step #2: Fill out the Workshop Submission Form.
    • Front Desk will create a Facebook event & IG post with the Zoom registration link.
  • Step #3: Order materials for the workshop if needed. We will be capping workshops at 15 students so order accordingly. Lead times are SUPER long. If you need materials, order ~2 weeks in advance.
  • Step #4: Provide Materials to Students. If materials are needed before the workshop, prep for 15 students and place pre-packaged bags in a black box with the workshop name on it.
    • NEW: Put the box in the “Pick-Up Area” in the Presentation Room. Add your information to the “Pick-Up Clipboard” at the Front Desk, so Front Desk staff know how to correctly distribute your materials.
    • If materials are received after the workshop, create a google form for students to submit file (3DP STL, Laser .ai, etc). Link this in the Workshop Form from step 2.
  • Step #5: GIVE THE WORKSHOP. Plan to give your workshop from the Makerspace so you have less house noise and solid bandwidth.

Email if you have a photo you’d like to be posted on social media with your workshop reminder.