Student Staff Portal

Policies + Training

Policies + Training for Student Staff: *Note you may only access these with your assigned Makerspace service account

Tech Staff FAQs + Resources

Leave Requests:

All staff members are required to submit leave requests or update their unavailability in advance in Deputy. We will do our best to accommodate.

If you aren’t able to work a shift that’s scheduled, please let your coworkers know in the #schedules channel at least 3 days in advance. If no one can cover your shift, please direct message Matthew + Maggie in Slack.

Reserving the Conference Room: 

Invite to your event. When creating the event in Outlook calendar, open “more options” in the bottom right, then “scheduling assistant” in the top right. There you will see maker-contact’s calendar. If no one else is using the conference room at that time you may book it – to do this, set the event location as “Conference Room 213” < this step is crucial.

Submitting an order request:


  • Search for your needs via UW-contracted vendors first on ShopUW+. If they have what you’re looking for, send the cart request to “Muldowney”.
  • Then, post a screenshot or descriptive sentence of what you ordered on the #orders channel. Front desk will tag you when it’s arrived.

Outside of ShopUW+

  • If ShopUW+ doesn’t have what you’re looking for, or if it’s SUPER expensive (>$10), send a screenshot of the failed search to Maggie via the Slack #orders channel along with the alternative vendor (e.g. Amazon) request.
  • See the Slack #orders channel for examples.

Large orders:

Please use this template:


There are two types of workshops:

    • Makerspace Fundamentals, a regular, recurring series of workshops that cover fundamental topics such as 3D printing, electronics, etc. The content for these already exists!
    • Make it with ____ (soldering, guitars, silicone molds, etc),  topics that student staff create on their own (or reuse from the past) that are new + creative!
  • Sign up for Fundamentals workshops at the beginning of the semester in your given chair location. See Workshop schedule here.
  • Sign up for Making With workshops by filling out the Workshop Submission Form.


  • Make sure you check stock before your workshop! Order any materials for the workshop if needed. Cap workshops, and order accordingly. Lead times may be long. If you need materials, order ~2 weeks in advance.
  • Ready to give the workshop?? Fundamentals content can be found in the shared “Makerspace Student Team” folder, but are also linked directly in the Workshop Schedule.


Workshop requirement for all staff:

  • Lead a minimum of two workshops per semester, though you’re encouraged to host more as your schedule permits!
  • New hires aren’t required to host workshops their first semester on staff.





  • [NEW] 3D Print intake form (this is for users): Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking (This is what staff processes requests via) Here
  • [NEW] 3D Print Jobs tracking SOP, with account log-in info.: Here


  • M-Passes are for students who are outside of CoE, but still are UW students. It lasts one semester, but that timeline doesn’t necessarily overlap with the academic semester timeline. Send anyone with questions to the front desk.


Wages and Reporting Hours

Submit. your timesheets from Deputy into MyUW before Saturday every two weeks. You can enter and save daily, or enter everything in on Friday. You will be reminded of this timing in Slack.
  • Use Deputy to punch in & out for every shift
  • Deputy timesheet should be correct- no missed punches.
  • Enter shifts into MyUW timesheet through the Time and Absence widget. Make sure the total hours reported match your total in Deputy.

If you missed entering your time, email those details (time in, time out, total hours worked, date) our HR rep Vicki Kelly (

[-] Raises are structured as follows:
0-2 semester = $14/hour
3-4 semesters = $15/hour
5-6 semesters = $15.50/hour
7-8 semesters = $16/hour
9+ semesters = $16.50/hour


Join the Makerspace Linkedin group – great place to network with alum (internships, jobs):

Follow us on Instagram @uwmakerspace