Student Staff Portal

Policies for Student Staff:

  • The Makerspace Staff Handbook: Here
  • Student Staff Agreement: Here

Report Your Hours:

In order to get paid for your hours, you must do the following:

Checklists and Tasks:

  • Checklists are now on Deputy! Checklists for each shift will show up when you punch in & you’ll receive notifications for tasks specifically assigned to you.


  • 3D Printer Form: Here
  • Materials Payment Form: Here



  • Course/Lab Payment Spreadsheet: Here
  • Waterjet (Protomax) Log and Payment Spreadsheet: Here


  • Step #1: Fill out the form here. The Operations Team will make sure it works on our calendar, get it posted right away to FB, and make posters to promote your event! (along with getting it on UW Calendar, on the sign in form, and other little tasks). If you have any changes, message the Front Desk on Slack to get the details changed right away.
  • Guidelines for hosting a workshop (what to do before, during and after the event) can be found here.
  • Create a folder for the workshop on the team drive if there isn’t one already.
  • If you’re repeating a workshop from last semester (WHICH YOU TOTALLY CAN – SO EASY!), you can just duplicate the previous Facebook event page. If one doesn’t exist yet, please create one using the generic text (found here) and a unique description for the workshop.
  • Let Front Desk staff know (via Slack) when your workshop is ready to go live and they’ll handle any artwork that needs updating.

Sign up for Slack here: