Lockers & Storage – Pre-Pandemic

To check out a locker:

[-] Have a CoE Shop Permit or M-Pass.

[-] Have paid the Materials Fee for the current semester.

[-] See a makerspace staff member to check out the locker and open it for the first time.

Makerspace lockers can be checked out for the Spring, Summer or Fall term and must be cleaned out and returned at the end of each term.

To lock a locker:

[1] Open the locker and put in your items

[2] Close the door

[3] Write down your locker number and a 4-digit combination of your choice

[4] Press your 4-digit combination and turn the lock-knob handle counter-clockwise to lock

To unlock:

[1] Press your 4-digit combination and turn the lock-knob handle clockwise to unlock.

2019 Locker Clean Out Dates
Spring – May 9th / Summer – August 30th / Fall – December 19th

All lockers must be cleaned out by the day above at 5:00 pm  You may not carry over the locker over to the following term. Once lockers are clean, see checkout window in Makerspace to return the locker. Any items left in the lockers after the clean out date above will be reclaimed or disposed of.