The M-Pass:

[-] Grants access to specific equipment and services available in the UW Makerspace for a 6 month period. Most commonly it includes all of the equipment and services in the Makerspace except the Makerspace machine shop (drill presses, bandsaws, etc.). Maggie Muldowney, the Operations Manager will work with you to identify your needs and what we can safely offer.

[-] Is only for students, faculty, and staff outside the College of Engineering (CoE). If you are within CoE, please see here for the appropriate permits needed.

[-] Is currently available for $100 (non-research projects) and $200 (research projects).

[-] Is not valid at TEAM-Lab or any other campus facility.


Is this a CoE shop permit?

  • No – permits (Lab Orientation, red/green permits) are only for members of CoE as described in our policies. The M-pass is for non-CoE members.

Does the 6 month period have to coincide with the semester start and end dates?

  • No,  your M-Pass is registered for the 6 month period no matter when you apply.

Can I use TEAM-Lab (student shop) equipment with the M-pass?

  • No

How do I know if my project is considered “Research”?

  •  “Research” is a project funded and/or part of any lab on campus. If your fee is being paid by a professor/PI, it’s likely for Research. Examples of non-research are class projects, personal projects and/or team projects for an innovation competition, etc.

Are there additional costs?

  • All users must pay for consumables such as 3D printing material, stock material for the laser cutter, etc.

Request an M-Pass

Fill out the form linked above to request an M-pass.

Note: If you’re paying with a funding string, your PI must create a payment account first.


Want the Laser Cutter upgrade?

  1. After you’ve submitted above form, select a time to come in and pick up your permit (calendar linked via form, and on our homepage under “m-pass tours”).
  2. Complete the online laser upgrade quiz here. You must pass with 100% before you can attend an in-person seminar.
  3. Attend in-person seminar. These are scheduled manually, so you will be emailed when a seminar is available.