Ugly Lamp
Ugly Lamp
Ugly Lamp
Ugly Lamp

Ugly Lamp

Ugly Lamp Maker Group

In this Maker Group we’ll build a lamp, it may or may not be ugly, but we’ll work together to:

  • design the lamp in CAD (OnShape).
  • use a CNC router to cut out the wooden base parts.
  • use a laser cutter to cut out the MDF arms.
  • use a 3D printer to fabricate the lamp shade and adjustment knobs.
  • make simple electrical connections to power the light.

Through this Maker Group you’ll notice a few themes:

  • Design for modularity. If you make separate parts it’s easier to fix/learn along the way.
  • Tolerances. Hint, 3D printed parts are not exactly the same size as the CAD model.
  • When to make 3D printed parts and when 2d parts are faster and cheaper.

Time & Costs

This Maker Group will meet once a week for 7 sessions. You will need to put in a few more hours each week designing and fabricating the lamp.

To use the equipment in the Makerspace (3D printers, Laser Cutter, CNC router) you’ll need to pay the CoE Shops Materials Fee ($50)

Lamp Materials:

  • Wooden Base = Probably free, we’ll provide scrap plywood.
  • MDF Arms = Probably free, we’ll provide scrap MDF.
  • 3D Printed Lamp Shade & Knobs = About $10 of PLA
  • A few nuts, bolts, and screws = about $1, purchased at the Makerspace Mini-Mart
  • Wire & Switch = about $1   Free, Instructor Provided
  • LED light = $10-25   Free, Instructor Provided

Jump to:

Session 1: Introductions

Session 2: Making the Wood Base on the CNC Router

Session 3: Laser Cut Arms

Session 4: Adjustment Knobs

Session 5: The Lamp Shade

Session 6: Making Electrical Connections

Session 7: Share Your Lamp


Session 7 : Share Your Lamp

Date: April 16
Time: 4:00 – 5:00

In this session we’ll cover:

  1. Show the rest of the group your lamp.
  2. Questions? Reflections?

To prepare for this session:

  • Take high quality photos and video of your lamp. Upload them to this Google Folder.